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ZOO Liberec

Founded: 1904
Type of organisation:
Statutory city Liberec

Number of employees: 80 - 90
Area: 13 ha
Lenght of tour: zhruba 1,7 km
Tournout in 2017: 355 336

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The Giraffe Pavilion

The breeding an raising of giraffes in the Liberec Zoo was established on the 15th of October 1985. In a relatively short time, a four-member group of young animals was put together. A new modern pavilion was built to ensure prospective breeding and its first results came soon afterwards. On the 30th of August 1987, the first baby giraffe, a male, was born.
The breeding pavilion is remarkable thanks to its structure. The visitors have the unique opportunity to look the cutious animals directly in the eyes, but the animals can curiously watch the visitors as well. The inside of the pavilion is built in the way that the visitors can watch f.e. a birth of a baby (if they come in the right moment) without disturbing the mother.

The Elephant Pavilion

The pavilion designated for the breeding of elephants is the oldest building at the Liberec Zoo. It was built in 1972 and at the beginning Greater one-horned and a couple of African White Rhinoceros lived there as well. The interiors and the outdoor enclosure have undergone several reconstruction over the years. The elephants are able to move sufficiently freely . Along with two female Sumatran elephants, Rání and Gaurí, Collared Peccaries lived in the pavilion. In the winter, you can find Red-Eared Sliders there.

The Flamingo Pavilion

The new Flamingo Pavilion, including its outdoor enclosure, was opened in December 2003. The winter quarters are a dodecagon shaped one-floor building roofed with a glass dome. The roof is made of clear double-glass and so it enables the visitors to look inside these winter quarters. This way visitors can watch flamingos any time of year. Inside there are dry, elecrically heated floors. A ring-shaped pool complements the structure. The winter quarters are immediately adjacent to the outdoor enclosure and its water channel.

The Liberec Zoo has bred flamingos since 1961 when Chilean Flamingos were brought here. In 1970 another species, the Cuban Flamingo, and one year later, the Greater Flamingo were added. At present the Liberec Zoo breeds 2 species: the Greater Flamingo and the Cuban Flamingo: of which there are 27 birds in total.

The Monkey Pavilion

The old rooms for breeding monkeys were completely unsuitable, so in 1995 a new pavilion was built. The inside of this pavilion is made of glass so that visitor can look at the animals even in the winter and in bad weather, when the monkeys spend their days in dormitories. The pavilion is home to the largest group of chimpanzees bred in the Czech Republic.

In the Monkey Pavilion you can find the following animals: White-Cheeked Gibbon, Lion-Tailed Macaque, Chimpanzee.


The Tropical Pavilion

Construction of the pavilion for exotic birds started in June 1998 and 2 years later it celebrated its opening. It has become home to many species from the tropical rainforests of Africa, Middle and South America, Indomalaysia and Australia. These exotic birds and the pavilion´s other inhabitants have a larger living space here and it gives them the illusion of their tropical homeland. The interior is filled with authentic rainforest vegetation.

You can find these species in the Tropical Pavilion:
Blue and Gold Macaw, Green Winged Macaw, Great Hornbill, Nicobar pigeon, Cuban Boa, Mollucan Cockatoo, Common carp - nishikigoi, Green Iguana, Plush - crested Jay, Saffron Finch, Toco toucan, Red-Billed Toucan, Rufous Hornbill, African Spurred Tortoise, Mangrove monitor, Black-winged Red Bishop, Red-collared Widowbird, Black-headed Weaver.


Wild Cat Pavilion

As far back as 1939, Barbary Lions and other large cats were exhibited at the Liberec Zoo. In 1975 a whole area for wild cats was completely reconstucted. In 1994 the Wild Cat Pavilion was broadened for the convenient breeding of a couple of white tigers. Five years later reconstruction of the outdoor enclosures started and right after that, complete reconstruction followed. The grand opening of the reconstructed pavilion took place on the 26th of June 2001.

You can find following species in the Wild Cat pavilion:
African Lion,White Bengal Tiger


The Penguin Exhibit

Penguins are very popular with visitors. Hower, Penguins are sensitive, especially prone to fungus illnesses, and are a species of bird whose breeding needs are very demanding. The penguin exhibit at the Liberec Zoo was opened in 1982 and it offers visitors a close look at these animals in water and on dry land. A low glass enclosure enables visitors to watch the curious animals in detail while they play in the water. In the last few years Liberec Zoo has been successful in breeding some very precious babies.

At the Liberec Zoo, feeding times for penguins are at 12 pm and 4 pm (outside nesting period).


The Birds of Prey Exhibit

Breeding facilities for various species of birds have undergone many changes of appearance in the history of the Liberec Zoo. Species that are endangered in the wild have become a speciality of the zoo. In 1983, the Liberec Zoo joined the international programme „Breeding of Birds of Prey" by building the breeding aviaries. These aviaries represented the most modern facilities in Europe at that time. Every year‘s breeding of Bearded Vultures, Bald Eagles and many others are proof of it.

You can find these birds of prey there:
White-bellied Sea Eagle, Bald Eagle, African Fish-Eagle, Steller's Sea Eagle, White-tailed Eagle, Lesser Spotted Eagle, Tawny Eagle, Bearded Vulture, Red Kite, Common Caracara.

Entrance fee
Adults:5 €
Children under 3 years:free
Children 3 - 15 years:4 €
Students, seniors over 65 years:4 €
Opening hours
Daily 8.00 - 19.00
Mo-Su, including holidays
The ticket office closes 60 minutes before actual closing time.
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