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Half day of being a zoo keeper

Half day of being a zoo keeper

Due to a big interest in our program Try to be a keeper in zoo and because we wanted to meet a student demand we dediced to release a new shorter version of this educational-experience program. Half day of being a keeper program is available for all interested persons plder than 15 years. During the program you can try how is it to take care about exotic animals in zoological gardens.


The program lasts 5 hours and applicants can try to prepare food and meals, tidy up expositions, take care of animals, take a look the areal of ZOO Liberec. The program ends at 12:00 at the restaurant Formanka.

What do you have to do to get involved?

1. Chose a departement:

  • departement of ungulates (Muskox, golden takin, roan antelope, nyala, domestic bactrian camel, somali wild ass, Chapman´s zebra, blesbock, Shetlan pony, vicugna, East caucasian tur,Bukharan markhor, reeves´s muntjak, giraffes)
  • departement of beast of pray (white tyges, lion, north-chinese leopard, snow leopard, carpathian lynx, red panda, Southamerican Seal Lion, meerkat, cape genet, turtles, reptiles)
  • departement of apes (chimpanzee, lion-tale macaque, chinese white cheeked gibbon, cotton headed Tamarin, hamadrias baboon, pygny marmoset)
  • departement of tropical animals (tropical birds, african dwarf crocodile, lizzards, Humboldt penguin, contact zoo)
  • departement of birds of pray (Stellar´s sea eagle, bearded vulture, lesser spoted eagle, great grey owl, eurasian eagle owl, golden eagle, etc.)

2. Chose date (working days only) and contact dept. of marketingu ZOO Liberec (marketing@zooliberec.cz or tel. 487 377 149). We confirm the date or we find a new one. It is recommended to chose the date 1 - 2 month in advance (especially during summer season).

3. Come on the confirmed date to the headoffice ZOO Liberec at 07:00 (address Lidové sady 425/1). You sign an agreement first (ID required), pay a fee CZK 5.000,- and get projdete occupational training. Then we will follow to the chosen animal departement.
You can also buy the program on the e-shop.

4. The program takes place in ZOO Liberec from 7.00 till 12.00 hodin (lunch break and opperational training is included). Client is under a control of a zoo keeper and follows his orders whole time.

5.The program ends at 12.00 but client can stay individualy in the zoo until the closing time. 

What does the zoo guarantee?

  • health and accidant insurance
  • opperational training
  • T-shirt
  • Lunch at the restaurant Formanka for concessionary price
  • graduate´s paper

What does a client ensure?

  • work boots, rubber boots for the dept. of apes and beast of prey
  • convenient clothes
  • client must be healthy and fit for the manual work. If client choses a departement of ape he must be absolutely healthy due to easy tranfer of human disease. Other wise he will not be allowed to this departement. 

The voucher is valid 12 month and you can get it on our e-shop HERE

Entrance fee
Adults:4 €
Children under 3 years:free
Children 3 - 15 years:3 €
Students, seniors over 65 years:3 €
Opening hours
Daily 9.00 - 17.00
Mo-Su, including holidays
The ticket office closes 60 minutes before actual closing time.
How to get to us
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