ZOO Liberec started to cooperate with Lestari NGO in 2016 when the organisation took over conservation activities of indonesian NGO ISCP.

Lestari is mainly focused on challenges accompanying palm oil production – one of the biggest ecological problems of today’s world. In our effort to address these challenges we run campaigns in Czech Republic and we are also active in foreign countries where palm oil industry poses a direct threat to the environment and precious ecosystems. We also cooperate with local organizations with a focus on support of environmentalist and research activities. Our goal is mainly to support local organizations by providing them with expert knowledge, financial resources, technology and supporting research and by establishing international platforms for cooperation.
The targer area is mainly Indonesia where the organisation runs two conservation and research projects:


 The island of Bangkaru situated in the Indian Ocean about 70 kilometres south east from Sumatra is an unsettled tropical paradise. This island provides home for the last known population of Nias myna as well as many other endangered animal species. It is the largest island in Indonesia never influenced by humans. There are no plantations, no wood harvesting took place here and nobody ever lived there. The beaches of Bangkaru serve as a nest for three different sea turtle species, but the majority of the island is still untouched. The island is protected by rough sea and rocky coastline. However, the turtle eggs and wild birds are subject to poaching.
Together with Indonesian NGO HAkA (www.haka.or.id) that is protecting turtle nests and conducting its own research, Lestari with the support of ZOO Liberec decided to protect this island using modern technology.
The wildlife on the surrounding islands is mostly non-existing or there is even no forest, which
is why poachers from all the Banyak Islands and even the distant Nias Island focus on Bangkaru.



Nias hill myna (Gracula /religiosa/ robusta, Beo in Indonesian), a species protected by our project, originally inhabited only the Nias Island and Banyak Archipelago. The species was considered extinct for last 20 years. In summer of 2015 our team managed to locate two surviving individuals in the Nias Island and in December of the same year viable population in Bangkaru Island.

Island endemic species are generally highly vulnerable. Our objective is to create sufficiently genetically diverse population of Nias hill myna held in captivity. To achieve this goal, we have built two aviaries in south of the Nias Island in the place where we found two surviving individuals which would serve for subsequent reproduction of these endangered songbirds. There is also plan

for building one more aviary for the same purpose in island’s capital Niasu Gunung Sitoli.



Novinky a reporty z projektu:

Pracovníkům Zoologické zahrady Liberec se podařilo odhalit a zatknout gang pytláků a pašeráků želvích vajec na Sumatře.








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