Lestari NGO is active in the field of ecosystem and species Conservation, and awareness raising since its establishment in 2014. At the beginning, activities of Lestari were connected mainly with the topic of palm oil. Lestari initiated a successful campaign in the Czech Republic to raise awareness about palm oil and the logging of rainforests to establish oil palm plantations. Lestari also co-founded the Global Biodiversity Conservation Conference (GBCC), which aims to connect the non-profit sector with academia and work together to find the most effective ways to protect biodiversity. The conference is held regularly in Prague, Mexico, and Indonesia since 2014. The current organizer is the Czech Coalition for Biodiversity Conservation (CCBC), however, Lestari members are still involved in organizing the conference.

Lestari operated in Indonesia, mainly in Sumatra in the Pulau Banyak archipelago. In 2015, researchers from the Liberec Zoo discovered viable populations of the Nias hill myna on the island of Bangkaru. This species had been until this Discovery considered as extinct in the wild. In the following years, the populations of Nias hill mynas were monitored, censed, and taxonomically revised by the staff of Lestari and Liberec Zoo. This research, for example, has shown that there are two clearly distinguishable lines – Nias hill myna and Simelue hill myna.

The activities on the island of Bangkaru continued by an action in which three poachers of turtle eggs were arrested. Thanks to this event, the long-standing problem of collecting turtle eggs at one of the most important green turtle rookeries in Sumatra was ended. In cooperation with the Liberec Zoo, Lestari run its project on the Pulau Banyak archipelago. A conservation and education project for the rehabilitation of coral reefs was initiated in the Pulau Banyak archipelago. The project was also supported by a grant from the World Organization of Zoos (WAZA). After several successful years, the project ceased at the end of 2019.

In Indonesia, Lestari continues with its activities – currently Lestari is focusing on investigating the illegal wildlife trade (pangolins), strengthening and capacity building, and environmental lobbying. These activities also include research and education of local communities.

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