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ZOO Liberec started to colaborate with Talarak foundation which is based on Negros Island (Philippines) in 2009. One our field zoologist (Pavel Hospodarsky)has worked there since 2004. The aim of the organisation is to save damage ecosystem by breeding of threatened species from visayan archipelago. Talarak also participate on saving the tropical rainforest on Negros island where the endangered species could be potentially repatriated.               

The rescue and breeding center Talarak already succesfully bred endangered endemits such as: Visayan Hornbill (Penelopides panini panini),critically endangered visayan warty pig (Sus cebifrons nigorum) or the most threatened endemic mammal - Philippine Spotted Deer (Rusa Alfredi).                   

In 2017 in the center there are more than 35 species (22 Philippine endemits) and more than 200 individuals.

In the beggining of 2016 8 new breeding aviaries were built for threatened Philippine eagle owl. Pavel Hospodarsky managed to breed two generatiton of this unique species which is the very important step in the conservation program Plippine Owl Conservation. 

Organisation also participates in reforestration of 17 ha area at the boarded of the Northern Negros Natural Park where the animals from rescue center should be released.

Talarak foundation also took charge of other rescue center on Negros island -  NFEFI (Negros Forest and Ecological Foundation, Inc.), which was found in the capital city Bacolod in 1993. The objective of the center is also to keep and breed the most endengered philippine endemits.

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