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Reintroduction of birds of prey

Birds of prey reintroduction


ZOO Liberec cooperate with two reintroduction programs - Bearded vulture and White-tailed eagle. Within the program we release offsprings of these species back to the nature. We have alredy succesfully repatrieted more then fifteen individuals. In 2010 ZOO Liberec also released two individuals of Bali mynas back to the wild nature.

ZOO Liberec joined the program Reintroduction of Bearded Vulture actively in 1986 with our breeding couple - Pista and Bozena. The first young bird from Liberec was released to french Alpes (Mercantour) in 2001. Until 2016 there have been 13 of them alredy releaed.

ZOO LIberec has cooperate in field of white-tailed eagle repatriation since 1999 with our breeding couple, Icik and Babeta. The first young individual was released in Israel in 2001, two others four years later. Offsprings of these species are released in the age of 4 -5 month when they are not able to fly. Later they teach how to fly and find a food. Within a few weeks they become independent.







Reintrodukce 2010



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